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Pharrell Williams cries about “Happy” with Oprah

Despite any nonsense of anyone hating on the song which reached international stardom, Pharrell talks about how fast the song blew up. As Oprah shares a montage of how many lives the song has touched, Pharrell breaks down. 

Being a fan of Pharrell since I was a teenager was brought back by watching this clip. It is the passion and heart that an artist provides for entertainment, and this artist truly has for years. BE HAPPY everyone!

The Book Of Mormon | Broadway Play: Review

Decided to take my girlfriend out to watch this Broadway play she has heard so much about. I had no idea what the story was and never heard any reviews, so I came in with no expectations.

The Book of Mormon is a comedy twist between religion and real life grime. You are introduced to young Mormons on a quest to convert and baptize others to become Mormon. Funny plot was about two Mormons traveling to Uganda Africa. As the stereotypes play out through the story between the two ethnicities; a Mormon on a mission seems to have much faith and heart. 

It’s a great play to bring a significant other to if you guys are looking for a clean laugh. The jokes may be a bit dirty, but still clean (if that makes any sense). 

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014

With the trailer being released today, many have shared their opinions online. August 8th couldn’t come sooner for some, while others are displeased by Nickelodeon’s attempt to recreate the 1990s TMNT. 

Personally as a Turtle fan (I have many childhood pictures to prove it), I am excited for this movie. Just like a new Star Wars, or a new Batman… I think it is great to recreate movies as technology allows the picture to be better. Not to mention this movie is directed by the infamous Michael Bay, and he chose Megan Fox to be April O’neil. Isn’t that weird? Wasn’t there drama during Transformers? Either way, you know it’s a good duo. 

Sage The Gemini - Remember Me [[IN STORES NOW]]

I know what you’re thinking, “why isn’t there a download link?” I have been a growing fan of Sage for a while now, and it just would not be right to leak this album. If you know me, I used to rant about how “GAS PEDAL” and “RED NOSE” were the next track to blow out of the bay (before they were on the radio). 

Sage is a young dude from the Bay Area who gained ranks faster than any artist. With a lot of love over the internet, this Remember Me hopefully does really well. I enjoy the album and stated, “it is a collection of chart-toppers.”

If you want to hear it, go on iTunes and get yourself a copy. Go to your local record store and buy a hard copy as well. Follow @sagethegemini on social networks to see where his next in-store signing is. Congrats sage!

G-EAZY | These Things Happen (ep.2)

I recently discovered who G-EAZY was several months ago. We actually featured his “Far Alone” single with Jay Ant on the ClapCity5 mixtape (download it on if you haven’t done that yet). G-EAZY has such an amazing following, his fans seem like they support him tough. 

Catch behind the scenes footage of his latest tour, here is episode 2.

Jay Electronica | Jay Z - We Made It (freestyle)

This is the song that stormed the internet waves about Jay Z dissing Drake. Just a little backstory, Drake made a comment in a RollingStones interview saying “"It’s like Hov can’t drop bars these days without at least four art references."

Pay attention to what Jay Z says in this verse! “Sorry Mr. Drizzy for so much art talk. Silly me rapping ‘bout shit that I really bought. While these rappers rap about guns they ain’t shot. And a bunch of other silly shit they ain’t got.” 

I like Drake, I respect him outside of the whole emotional persona he portrays. However, he is not at the stature to diss Jay Z. 

Chris Brown - Loyal ft. Lil Wayne, Tyga

This song came out in the Winter but will probably last through Spring and Summer as 2014’s jam. Here’s the video to the song everybody loves to hear in the club.

I think one of the dopest highlights in this video is the scene you see Breezy and Usher going up the Universal Studios escalator. For so the past ten years or so, there’s always the debate of “who runs R&B.” To see these two competitors chillin… it is lightweight mind-blowing.

MUSTARD on The Bay: Diss?

In an interview with Complex Mag; Mustard talks about his current success with YG’s new album, along with his upbringing as a producer. When talking about Mustard’s production, there has been a lot said about the influence he’s taken from the Bay Area.

If you read the whole interview from beginning to end you will notice how dramatic Mustard’s responses become. I found myself liking the story of DJ Mustard since I can easily relate to it (growing up as a DJ then producing). It wasn’t until he badmouthed “Jump off my dick and get you some hit records.” Clearly that was a message to HBK PLO and quite possibly the Invasion crew. 

This interview will stir up a lot of commotion that seemed like it was already on its way out. I believe a lot of people from the Bay Area as well as the media will blow this out of proportion… but then again, I’m upset that anyone could ever dislike HBK. 


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